A New Theme

So I know what you’re thinking. You’ve stumbled across my website and seen me advertising myself as a freelance web developer but what’s this? He’s using a premium theme bought from themeforest!? This guy…

It’s true. I cheated. The trouble with making other peoples’ websites all the time is you rarely get to put in the hours you’d like to on your own personal site. You don’t get paid for it (in the short term) and generally it’s just quite daunting because obviously it should be the embodiment of all of the skills you have learnt over the years of being a developer.

However, over the next few weeks I will be running a multi-part series of me deconstructing this excellent theme (for anyone who didn’t view the source – it’s Senna). I will work out how the developers achieved certain things and apply them to a new blank wordpress theme. Essentially I will be blogging my experience of coding my own mobile-first, responsive and adaptive website, using this theme’s design as a starting point.

  1. Julia Reply

    I’m liking the updetad theme on here matey, works well.I’d definitely be interested in reading / watching reviews and workflow screencasts if you were to start producing them. From my quick browse around I can’t find anything that is currently broken so good job in that regards, if I spot anything though I shall let you know. I’d possibly suggest an additional sidebar though that appears on pages so there is a little extra navigation to relevant content (example portfolio pages have latest / featured work, links to blog posts about the shoots etc). I’m pretty sure you already know how to add them, but if you want a hand you know where I am

    • Patrick Whitty-Clarke Reply

      This site hasn’t been updated in about 18 months! I’ve got a job now… do I know you from somewhere?